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Weaving Futures

Weaving Futures

Philippa Brock

Weaving Futures was an exhibition commissioned by London Transport Museum curated by Philippa Brock & Samuel Plant Dempsey.

The exhibition explored ideas and process led methods of designing, celebrated the use of bespoke woven moquette fabric in London Transport, and the work was made as the exhibition progressed.

Weaving Futures commenced with a TC2 jacquard loom in the public studio/gallery. Week on week invited residents, all working to the same brief around Data manifestation and London transport systems, worked in the studio, alongside two weavers interpreting and weaving up the designs live to the general public. The approaches the designers/artists took ranged from reinterpretations of historical moquettes, through to augmented reality and sensory smart textiles approaches.

The exhibition included workshops, a debate with the residents and public and a closing view with residents exhibiting all the works made. A short film was also commissioned by London Transport Museum about the exhibition, as well as time lapse photography.

Weaving Futures Residents: Assemble, Beatwoven, Camira, Central Saint Martins, BA Textile students: Mimi Forrest, Michael Woods, Lily Thornton, Phoebe Sudderick. Linda Florence, Gainsborough Weaving Company, Eleanor Pritchard, Rare Thread: Kirsty McDougall & Laura Miles, Josephine Ortega, Ismini Samanidou, Studio Houndstooth: Jo Pierce, Philippa Brock, Takram & collaborators: Dr. Priti Veja, Samuel Plant Dempsey & Philippa Brock

Philippa Brock


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