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1580: Space & Volume

Philippa Brock

1580: Space & Volume | Textiles in the Third Dimension

‘1580’ explores vertical, deployable, integrated 3D woven systems, investigating and inspired by the construction and development of medieval ruff sizes, kites and honeycomb mushrooms, experimenting with 3D being woven in interconnecting flat vertical layers, to then expand into large volume and space once taken off the loom.

It is a body of abstract convergent works combining and moving on from previous research, which explored ideas around horizontal 3D surface effects, challenging industrial digital woven jacquard loom methods by pushing boundaries to innovate. The previous textiles have inherent ‘on – loom finishing’ properties, through design, yarn and woven structures which allow the textiles to 3D self assemble when tension is released.

1580 requires manipulation and heat after weaving to release the volume and maintain its 3D layered systems. Experiments have included, the sizing of the fabrics with cold water starch and heat, PVA and cassava and laser cutting for shape abstraction.

Philippa Brock


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