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TFRC in Estonia Tallinn


TFRC PhD students Jen Ballie and Elena Brebenel represented the research centre in Tallinn, Estonia taking part in ‘Ring Road’ an event organised by Incubator Tallinn  supported by the British Council Estonia.

The one day event was a series of talks, one to one advice meetings and informal networking opportunities to support creative business start-ups in Estonia. Participants were able to meet experts from Estonia and abroad to discuss creativity, design, branding, marketing, export business, and business management.

Jen and Elena started the day’s event by presenting TFRC in a talk ‘How design can lead to a more sustainable future?’ showing some of the research work conducted within TFRC, before talking through their own research interests. Jen talked about e-Co-Textile Design: how can textile design and making, combined with social media tools, achieve a more sustainable fast fashion future? and Elena discussed her work Biomimetic furnishing design for better quality domestic air, engaging the entrepreneurs in a discussion surrounding sustainability, and design.