Open Call

Textile Toolbox Open Call


Our Textile Toolbox platform aims to connect leading sustainable design thinkers and makers in this open call for work using interconnected design thinking and processes for sustainable textiles and fashion. (more…)


Becky Earley and Textile Environment Design (TED)

Prof. Becky Earley

Professor Becky Earley and the Textile Environment Design (TED) team have had a busy autumn term.  ‘It’s been a work whirlwind autumn for the TED team at Chelsea, as we launched our Mistra Future Fashion online exhibition with a 24-hour pop up show  (more…)


Resilience – The New Research Frontier

Prof. Becky Earley

Professor Becky Earley has co-authored a conference paper that was presented at the 20th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference (ISDR) ‘Resilience – The New Research Frontier‘, in Trondheim, Norway, this June. (more…)


World Perfumery Congress 2014: The Future of Fragrance

Dr Jenny Tillotson


The World Perfumery Congress took place last week and saw Dr Jenny Tillotson present new frontiers in scent and a personal scent future. Jenny’s focus was scent delivery that is in tune with current trends in fashion, low-dosage low‐alcohol perfumes, wearable (more…)


Innventia MFF Symposium


Last week the TED team attended the MISTRA Future Fashion symposium at Innventia. Innventia is one of the leading Swedish research and development companies that works with innovations based on forest raw materials. (more…)


TFRC in Estonia Tallinn


TFRC PhD students Jen Ballie and Elena Brebenel represented the research centre in Tallinn, Estonia taking part in ‘Ring Road’ an event organised by Incubator Tallinn  supported by the British Council Estonia. (more…)


EcoChic Design Award 2014/5


The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition challenging emerging fashion designers to (more…)


Fashion Revolution Day


TED researchers are busy making things happen on this momentous day, 24th April, which marks the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster. (more…)


2014 International Fashion Forum Shanghai

Anne Marr

The 2014 International Fashion Forum of Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival will be held on April 24th, as part of the themed “Fashion Dream” Greater Donghua Fashion Week. (more…)