Circular Transitions Conference


Circular Transitions – Mistra Future Fashion Conference on Textile Design and the Circular Economy
23–24 November 2016
Chelsea College of Arts & Tate Britain, London (more…)


Cultures of Resilience


Prof Rebecca Earley and PhD students Bridget Harvey and Clara Vuletich will conduct three workshops Repair Before the Break, Cool School Tools and Shavasana Shirt as part of the Cultures of Resilience 4 day event programme included in the University of the (more…)


Houndstooth Project Launch Workshop

Jo Pierce and Philippa Brock

Studio Houndstooth launches The Houndstooth Project – a serious play, ludic, egalitarian project, which uses the well-recognised, houndstooth textile motif as the starting point for a public engagement making project for everyone and anyone as either individuals or (more…)


Becky Earley and Textile Environment Design (TED)

Prof. Becky Earley

Professor Becky Earley and the Textile Environment Design (TED) team have had a busy autumn term.  ‘It’s been a work whirlwind autumn for the TED team at Chelsea, as we launched our Mistra Future Fashion online exhibition with a 24-hour pop up show  (more…)

Student Project

Fashion Revolution Day


Students from MA Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts will be hosting a fun and interactive event on Fashion Revolution Day – 24th April entitled ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ in an effort to raise awareness amongst students as to the origins of their clothes and the fashion supply chain. (more…)


Zero Waste Fashion & Textile Design


Four world-leading Zero Waste designers held a seminar in the lecture theatre at Chelsea College of Art and Design on 28th of March. The day was introduced by TED Senior Research Fellow Dr Kate Goldsworthy, and was the first event where the designers Julian (more…)


Professorial Platform Lecture

Prof. Kay Politowicz

Design Lifetimes: A Manifesto for Strategic Change is the title of Professor Kay Politowicz’s Professorial Lecture which she will present at Chelsea College of Art and Design on 17th of July 2013. Part (more…)


The Future of the Future

Prof. Becky Earley

TFRC Director Rebecca Earley will be taking part in the Futures Materials  panel of “The Future of the Future” along side Zoe Laughlin of the Institute of Making and Anab Jain and Jon Arden of Superflux. The round table event will be held at the Welcome Trust.

Rebecca Earley will present (more…)


Superswish at Tate Britain


As part of Late at Tate Britain: June 2013, Mo Tomaney, will be hosting SUPERSWISH – a free clothes swap event. Clear out your wardrobe and exchange your unwanted clothes (clean and in good condition) for a ticket to the SWISHING event, then trade your ticket (more…)