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PoL #25 Rope Songs with LT/HT Group

PoL #25 Rope Songs with LT/HT Group

Anne Marr

May 2016

Anne Marr, TFRC deputy directr will be part of PoL #25 Rope Songs taking place on 11 May at London College of Communication. The event is a participatory performance, exploring musical forms of measurement experienced through the activity of rope making.

Music can be a way of hearing and acting out different formations of hierarchy and equality, apparently specific to the medium of sound and apparently at one remove from the political mechanisms of power. The event springs from a wish to explore the ways in which these musical forms of measure reach into a transdisciplinary environment, and poses a question about how they do so. The craft and mechanics of rope making form the material basis on which this enquiry will be performed. Come, participate, make rope, and hear the twisting and counter-twisting of hierarchical and democratic measures of sound.

Date: Wednesday, 11 May 2016
Time: 18:30
Venue: London College of Communication (Meet at front reception: directions)
To reserve a free place email: markpeterwright@gmail.com

About LT/HT:

LT/HT (low technology/high technology) group is a community of practice whose members are breaking through the barrier between the so-called “low technologies” and “high technologies”. They look at technologies from an academic as well as a practical point of view, and are particularly interested in enabling collaboration across disciplines. They are involved with all kind of materials and technologies: such as textile, sound, light, electronics and programming. Working across colleges in the UAL and the RCA they exchange emerging ideas at grass root level to inspire a new trandisciplinary approach.

The current members are: Thomas Gardner – sound arts (LCC), Nicolas Marechal – interaction design and arts (LCC), Anne Marr – textile design (CSM), Colin Priest – interior and spatial design (Chelsea) and Kevin Walker – information experience design (RCA) with special guest Rachael Matthews (Rope Maker to the Queen).


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