Philippa Brock

Philippa Brock

Philippa Brock is the Woven Textile Pathway Leader (0.6) at Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London and an independent International textile researcher and designer/jacquard artist with a portfolio practice. She was educated at Goldsmiths’ College and The Royal College of Art. Philippa's research and design practice pushes the boundaries of what is possible within the field of digital woven jacquard textiles. It involves exploring the full potential of the industrial power loom weaving method, creating ‘on – loom finishing’ effects, relying at times on serendipity to advance new ideas. Her work has included: researching and developing sustainable textiles, e- woven textiles, including smart yarns, designing seasonal textile trend packages and developing woven and printed swatches for the textile industries, both fashion & interiors. She also regularly exhibits textile series as the conclusion to research projects. Pieces of her work from her ‘Self Assembly’ series for the science/art project: ‘Nobel Textiles’ , have been acquired by the Crafts Council UK, for their permanent collection. Philippa is also editor of The Weave Shed, a free community resource site for weavers, with a blog and is currently developing a textile and materials, collaborative, cross-disciplinary research practice ‘The Houndstooth Project’ with printed textile designer Jo Pierce.

Research Interests:

Philippa's research interests lie in industrial weaving loom experimentation which includes investigation into ‘on loom’ finishing techniques using unusual yarn and structure interactions whilst weaving. This results in minimal finishing to the cloth post weaving. Philippa's investigations have produced both 2D - 3D and sustainable outcomes, and have contributed to the research and development of concept fabrics.
Philippa is also interested in smart/e-textiles and science and design collaborations. All of her research and development projects use process led research methods, with an emphasis on recording and analysing all documentation of the processes explored and final outcomes reached.


Concept Textiles, On Loom Finishing, Smart Textiles, Digital Jacquard, Weaving, Sustainability, Textile Engineering

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