Dr. Priti Veja

Dr. Priti Veja

Dr Priti Veja is a London based design researcher, smart materials & electronic textiles (e-textiles) consultant and lecturer. Priti completed her PhD in woven e-textiles via design led practice at Brunel University, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences (EPSRC supported). The research focused on woven e-textiles through design led processes and empirical investigations, combining electronics into constructed woven structures. Using her expert woven knowledge, Priti’s research applied woven methods to make integrated soft circuits as a simultaneous process. The work investigated e-textiles materials for soft product application, (e.g. wearable technology, smart textiles) and opportunities for e-textiles manufacture. Priti previously trained in constructed textiles (woven design) at Central Saint Martins (UAL) and the Royal College of Art, London.

Priti’s consultancy work includes working with engineers, scientists, product developers and textile manufacturing (industries include
textiles, academia, wearable technology and smart textiles). Priti has expertise and experience in textile design thinking & process, R&D, manufacturing, product development and smart textiles. Alongside her research work, Priti lectures at Central Saint Martins, (UAL) London, where she teaches on the BA Textile Design course. She has also been a guest lecturer across a number of institutions. Priti also works on collaborative research and design projects, exhibits work internationally and delivers e-textile workshops through a spin out practice called ‘Weft Lab’.


Constructed Textiles, Woven E-textiles, Smart Textiles and Wearable Technology

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