Key Expertise:

Textile Manufacturing

PhD Student

Emmeline studied fashion design, then went on to complete a KTP with the Salvation Army Trading Company where she developed the upcycling label Emmeline 4 Re. Selling her collections in the UK and Europe, while establishing a sustainable boutique in London, Emmeline gained vital knowledge about the complexities of upcycling. The knowledge gained throughout this period has enabled her to become a pioneer in the field of upcycling. Emmeline is a researcher, senior lecturer and programme leader using her skills to develop workshops, exhibitions and programme design. Emmeline has taught in the UK, India and Sri Lanka in the areas of sustainability, fashion and design.

Research Interests:

Emmeline’s PhD, ‘Scaling-Up Upcycling’ aims to define new models for the commercial industry aiming to increase the levels of post consumer waste in reuse while reducing the amounts of textile waste sent to landfill. Using her tacit knowledge as central to her experience, gathering information from other micro pioneers to make recommendations to the high street and charity sector to increase rates of industrial recycling in the future.

Current Projects:

  • /Investigating closed loop garment manufacturing for large-scale production through design