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En Vie/ Alive

Carole Collet

Welcome to the biological century, where ‘living technology’ will be one of the key drivers for design innovation. We are at the cusp of a biological revolution where the convergence of synthetic biology and nanotechnology will redefine everything we do. Imagine a world where bacteria and plants can be re-programmed to manufacture materials and products. TFRC’s Deputy Director and Reader Carole Collet is curating the forthcoming exhibition ALIVE: Designing With Living Technology, for the Espace Foundation EDF in Paris, which will run from April to August 2013. The underlying curatorial principle is to examine whether design-led ‘living technology’ can lead to a new form of high-tech sustainability. ‘ALIVE’ will include a range of stunning exhibits that showcase how ‘living technology’ will revolutionise the design of architecture, interiors, textiles, fashion and even food. Method as a web partner for the exhibition will be designing a dynamic ‘living’ website to accompany the show.