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Emotional Fashion: A Stress Management Sensory Garment Worn to Prevent an Acute Bipolar Relapse


Jenny Tillotson has been shortlisted for a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship in the ‘Science, Engineering and Technology’ category. If successful her project would build on her recent AHRC funded Knowledge Transfer Fellowship with Philips on STRESS and SLEEP, presented at the European ‘Quantified Self’ (QS) conference (November 2011). The original idea is inspired by her long-term bipolar diagnosis and the theory that if she can reduce stress levels/improve quality of sleep through the release of counter-active scents from self-monitoring QS garments that relieve tension whenever stress levels exceed a certain threshold, there might be less risk of an acute bipolar relapse. Jenny would use the Fellowship as a vehicle to reduce the impact of stigma in bipolar in a creative manner. What makes the Fellowship unique will be Jenny’s account of how her diagnosis and personal circumstances have inspired, and now drive, her work, as described in the Cambridge Bipolar UK newsletter