Fashion Revolution Day


TED researchers are busy making things happen on this momentous day, 24th April, which marks the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster. (more…)


2014 International Fashion Forum Shanghai

Anne Marr

The 2014 International Fashion Forum of Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival will be held on April 24th, as part of the themed “Fashion Dream” Greater Donghua Fashion Week. (more…)

Student Project

Fashion Revolution Day


Students from MA Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts will be hosting a fun and interactive event on Fashion Revolution Day – 24th April entitled ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ in an effort to raise awareness amongst students as to the origins of their clothes and the fashion supply chain. (more…)


Zero Waste Fashion & Textile Design


Four world-leading Zero Waste designers held a seminar in the lecture theatre at Chelsea College of Art and Design on 28th of March. The day was introduced by TED Senior Research Fellow Dr Kate Goldsworthy, and was the first event where the designers Julian (more…)


Designing Craft Making for Pleasure

Philippa Brock

Philippa Brock is exhibiting two artefacts from her self fold and x-form series as part of the Designing Craft Making for Pleasure at the new The Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham. The exhibition is part of Stoud Interantional Textiles Select 2014. (more…)


Closed Loop and Up-cycling in the News


As the Circular Economy gains momentum in the Textile Sector, TED Senior Research Fellow Dr Kate Goldsworthy was interviewed by Claudia Cahalane at The Guardian to discuss the circular economy approach in the textile, clothing industry. (more…)


The Houndstooth Project in Poplar East London

Jo Pierce and Philippa Brock

The Houndstooth Project, a textile and materials design research atelier founded by Textile Futures Research Centre members, Philippa Brock and Jo Pierce recently worked on a commission to promote the Angela Lansbury Film Festival in Poplar, East London. (more…)