Rhode Island School of Design Textile Faculty Job Opportunity


The Department of Textiles in the Division of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design is pleased (more…)


Textiletoolbox Celebrates One Year


We are really pleased to announce our Textiletoolbox website launched exactly one year ago, has already reached 12,100 visits worldwide.

Textile Toolbox is TED’s online platform platform with MISTRA Future Fashion in Sweden. This open innovation website is a platform for designers and experts to engage with new ideas. The site is being used to help build the discourse around THE TEN – a set (more…)


Wearable Futures 2013


Today Caroline Till chaired a panel discussion on ‘Biological Design’ & ‘Living Technology’ at Wearable Futures 2013. The panel discussion included Amy Congdon, Ann Kristin Abel, Jenny Lee & Shamees Aden, all graduates from MA Textile Futures, and explored (more…)


Ultra Bio

Carole Collet

Carole Collet is in Taiwan this week as a keynote speaker at the Ultra Bio conference, and will present her ideas and research on Designing with Living Systems. Ultra Bio explores the notion that new scientific knowledge of our world at a microscopic level will encourage diverse cultural and technological evolution. The rapid turnover and growth of ideas between (more…)


Design Beyond Making


Vectors is a new design initiative brought to life by TED Research Assistant Miriam Ribul with fellow designers Ann-Kristin Abel and Paul Ferragut. The collective (more…)


Threads and Yarns: Intergenerational Engagement and Cross-Disciplinary Research through Textiles

Anne Marr

Anne Marr and Jo Morrison have published a paper in the new The Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice Volume 1 Issue 1 this month. The paper which is  entitled  (more…)